Useful, yet concise mind map that summarize lecture notes, notes taken during lecture and recommended readings. It also includes useful examples that help to understand the content better.

I used this lecture notes and tutorial to do revision for mid semester test and final exam. I received 90% in both mid semester test and final exam. Hope this lecture notes can help you to improve your understanding and achieve H1!

Topic covered:
(1) Financial reporting
(2) Recognition
(3) Measurement
(4) Income
(5) Ratio Analysis
(6) Valuation (Dividend discount model & Residual income model)
(7) Valuation (Discounted free cash flow model & Multiples)
(8) Earnings management
(9) Efficient capital market
(10) Executive compensation
(11) Disclosure and regulation
(12) Formula


Semester 1, 2021

17 pages

5,780 words



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