-This subject content has changed (sequence is different, lecturer adds new content, etc.). Be mindful when buying outdated notes (my notes are revised based on 2020 Sem 2 content)
- Please UNDERSTAND this subject. Do NOT memorize because the exam questions will be made in a way to test your understanding instead of your memorizing skills.
- These notes are written in a detailed manner to assist your understanding of the whole content.

These notes contain color coding:
- GREEN highlight- separates every lecture
- YELLOW highlight- separates each lecture into parts
- LIGHT BLUE highlight- separates each part into points
- Red word font - elaboration and explanation, skip them if you already understand the black sentences (notes are really NOT that long after you skip the red words)
Important words/concepts are underlined and/or bolded

Content coverage:
1. Objectives of Financial Accounting
2. The Decision Usefulness Approach to Financial Reporting
3. The Measurement Approach to Decision Usefulness
4. Application of Fair Value Measurement
5. Accounting Analysis
6. Ratio Analysis
7. Forecasting and Valuation
8. Application of Valuation
9. Debt Contract
10. (Non) Recognition of Intangibles
11. Managerial Compensation Contract
12. Economics of Voluntary Disclosure

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Semester 2, 2019

63 pages

21,117 words



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