Understanding that students usually panic during stressful condition and time limitations/constraints, these templates are created to be copied down word-for-word during your exam.

It has considered all different type of possible scenarios to make it absolutely easy for you to apply in the final exam.

The citations of the law sections are all carefully considered and included so that you do NOT need to open your textbook to find the relevant references in the final exam.

What you need to do is only to follow the steps and fill in the blanks. EASY!

Topic list:
- Jurisdiction to tax - residence and source
- Fringe benefits tax
- Tax payable and introduction to income
- income from personal services and employment
- income from business
- income from property
- deductions (general and specific)

These notes are suitable for:
-students who do not have enough time to prepare for own notes
-students who wish to get an idea how people are making notes
-students who struggle to finish exam papers on time


Semester 2, 2018

40 pages

13,302 words



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