I spent a lot of time in making this note through the semester, it is not a copy of lecture slides content, but the deep understanding of the course! And for FAT, you cannot just memorise concepts!!

In the note, I have included my detailed explanation and highlighted the most important content for this course to help you reveiw. Thus, this note will be very helpful for you to improve understanding and achieve H1!

Topics covered:
- Lecture 1: Objectives of financial reports
- Lecture 2: Recognition
- Lecture 3: Measurement
- Lecture 4: Income Reporting and Classification
- Lecture 5: Ratio Analysis
- Lecture 6-7: Dividend model, Residual Income Model, DCFs, Multiples
- Lecture 8: Earnings management
- Lecture 9: Market efficiency
- Lecture 10: Executive Compensation


Semester 1, 2020

77 pages

24,949 words



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