These are full course evidence notes including all the legislation (highlighted so you don’t have to read through it all!) and cases. The key principles and important information are in coloured textbooks to summarise and make sure you remember the crucial points.

I made the notes using all the readings, other notes and my own external reading.

Topics included:
- Introduction to evidence law
- Proof: part I
- Adversarial trial
- Adducing evidence: witnesses, documents and real evidence
- Admissibility of evidence: relevance
- Hearsay
- Credibility
- Tendency & coincidence evidence
- Character of the accused
- Opinion evidence
- Identification evidence
- Discretions
- Admissions and self-incrimination
- Proof - part II

NB: sample not in order


Semester 2, 2020

166 pages

93,786 words



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