These notes are a full set (i.e. covering 13 weeks of content) of notes for the core introductory microeconomics unit taught at USYD. The notes were complied using a combination of lecture, textbook and tutorial information as well as additional research I undertook to better understand confusing concepts. The notes allowed me to achieve an HD result for the unit. The notes include note only a full-set of notes on each topic covered, but also a summary at the end of the notes which succinctly summarises all the information down. This summary makes it much easier to study the information as it is far shorter than the full set of notes. The notes include diagrams from the textbook, explanations on how to solve the questions mathematically, tables, and so forth. The topics covered in the notes are: - Key economic concepts and general useful mathematical concepts for ECON1001 - Trade & the PPF - Demand - Production & costs - Supply - Market equilibrium & welfare - Elasticity - The perfectly competitive market - Monopoly - Oligopoly & came theory (including. cournot oligopolies) - Government intervention (price regulation, taxes & subsidies) - Externalities - Public goods and services - Asymmetric information The sample of the notes includes pages from various topics of the full notes and a small preview of the summary.


Semester 1, 2017

113 pages

52,113 words



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