Semester 1, 2018


115 pages

27,632 words




These notes are complete ECMT1020 notes that gained me a final mark of 90 (and 100% in the midsem exam.) They have been complied using lecture notes, lecture recordings, the textbook (fully read and key pieces included) and my own research.

It includes both full course notes and a summary for the second-half of the course (that summarises all the necessary information you need to know for the final exam.) They are clearly formatted and colourful for easy memorising. The notes include many worked examples (which is what you really need to know to answer exam questions!)

The topics in the notes include:
- Univariate data: analysis of economics data; summarising univariate data; review of statistical concepts (probability etc.); the sample mean; statistical inference on the sample mean
- Bivariate data: summarising bivariate data; the least squares estimates; statistical inference for bivariate regression (hypothesis tests/confidence intervals); bivariate data transformation; prediction & forecasting in bivariate regression
- Multivariate data: data summary for multivariate regression; statistical inference for multivariate regression (hypothesis tests/confidence intervals/F-tests/Chow Tests); multivariate data transformation
- Checking the data and model

I.e. they include ALL topics covered from weeks 1-13.

NB: sample notes not in order.