These case notes helped me receive an HD mark in the final torts exam.

I read every single case in the unit of study outline and included each and every key/necessary points. With these notes there is no need to read the full cases.

The notes also include notes I have found online and from academic journals.

They are inclusive of each topic in the torts course.

Please see preview for an idea of how the notes are laid out.

The topics include:
- Scope of tort law
- Historical background of tort law
- Trespass to the person
- Action on the case for wilful injury
- The statutory action for psychiatric injury to relatives of victims of intentional wrongs
- Damages for intentional torts to the person
- Invasion of privacy as a tort
- Defences to intentional torts
- Negligence: duty of care
- Negligence: breach of duty
- Causation and remoteness of damage/scope of liability
- Defences to negligence
- Assessment of damages for personal injuries
- Vicarious liability and non-delegable duties in negligence
- Joint and several liability for personal injury; contribution rights
- Compensation to 3rd parties following injury to or death of the primary victim


Semester 2, 2017

113 pages

53,468 words



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