Semester 2, 2017

LAWS1012 Torts Distinction (81) Notes (HD in final exam)

154 pages

102,809 words




These notes helped me to receive a distinction for torts and a high distinction mark in the final exam. They are extremely comprehensive, and have 3 parts to them:
Part 1: detailed notes on the whole course
Part 2: a summary of the detailed notes with the essential rules, case summaries, etc. extracted to make memorising/studying easier
Part 3: a flow-chart of the negligence part of the course (examined in the final exam) that gives a step-by-step analysis of each element that is to be considered in a problem question, including a 'script' section outlining how each question will be approached.

The preview of the notes includes some pages from each of these parts.

The notes are the result of all the readings, lecture notes, academic articles and others notes I was able to read.
The topics include:
- Scope of tort law
- Historical background of tort law
- Trespass to the person
- Action on the case for wilful injury
- The statutory action for psychiatric injury to relatives of victims of intentional wrongs
- Damages for intentional torts to the person
- Invasion of privacy as a tort
- Defences to intentional torts
- Negligence: duty of care
- Negligence: breach of duty
- Causation and remoteness of damage/scope of liability
- Defences to negligence
- Assessment of damages for personal injuries
- Vicarious liability and non-delegable duties in negligence
- Joint and several liability for personal injury; contribution rights
- Compensation to 3rd parties following injury to or death of the primary victim