These IPCL notes cover the entire semester of content and consist of two parts: Part I: Full Course Notes (sample notes pages 1-3, not in order): these are full course notes complete with case summaries and with key principles in highlighted text boxes to make it easy to retain the most important information. Topics included: - Topic 1(a): the concept and function of property - Topic 1(b): introduction to real property - Topic 2: personal property - choses in possession - Topic 3: personal property - choses in action - Topic 4: assignment and disposition of interests - Topic 5(a): priority regimes - Topic 5(b): Commercial dealings as security interests over property Part II: Exam Summary/Scaffold notes (sample notes pages 4-7, not in order): these are condescend notes in a scaffold form which you can take into the exam to ensure you answer all relevant parts of the problem question and can easily identify the main tests/principles and apply them. Topics included: - Transfer of ownership by sale - Transfer of possession by bailment - Choses in action - Assignment and disposition of interests - General law priority rules - Security interests over property under the PPSA I attended all lectures, tutorials and did all readings and also relied on my own research and other notes in order to create these notes.


Semester 1, 2020

143 pages

74,113 words



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