Concise lecture notes written throughout the semester. Key words in bold to make skimming through easier. I try to fit as much information in as few pages as possible to make it less daunting and much quicker to revise. I studied using these notes and got an H1 (81) in the subject.


1. Our Place in the Universe
2. History of the Universe
3. Human Side of Science
4. Kepler's Laws
5. Motion and Newton's Laws
6. Our Solar System and its Geology
7. Light
8. Telescopes
9. Special Relativity
10. General Relativity
11. The Sun and Stellar Properties
12. Stellar Births, Lives and Deaths
13. Black Holes
14. The Milky Way and Galaxies
15. The Universe
16. Life in the Universe


Semester 2, 2020

30 pages

10,500 words



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