There is a lot of information in the lecture slides that may be daunting to study, so I made this summary of all the lectures assessed in the exam. Concise and informative, I studied for the exam using mainly these notes and got an overall 88 in the subject.

I'd like to point out that these notes are meant to be used in conjunction with the Lab Manual. The LM should always be your main resource, especially for the reports. But LM plus these notes will ensure that you nail the Weekly quizzes and exam!


1: Introduction to Lab Techniques
2: Molecular Biology Techniques (molecular cloning)
3-4: Molecular Biology Techniques (molecular cloning cont.)
5: Cell Biology and pH in Biosciences
6: Enzyme Activity and Kinetics
7: Protein Analysis
8-9: Protein Purification Techniques
10-11: Bacterial Expression Systems
12: Eukaryotic Expression Systems


Semester 2, 2020

23 pages

6,000 words



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