Picture this: You're looking to do BIOL10008 but you go on StudentVIP and see that the ratings are horrible, and now you're worried about it!

No need to worry! In just this one document you have everything you need to know for the exam and the module tests, to make sure you crush it! It has every topic in detail with diagrams and sketches where needed to make learning easier. I grouped similar concepts together to make it easy to read and has good flow throughout, with key words in bold. Get yours today!

Module 1: What is life?
Module 2: Maintaining life
Module 3: Multicellularity and human systems
Module 4: Passing on Information
Module 5: Challenging life

*Some images may be of lower quality as I had to reduce the file size, but are still legible, and does not hinder the content.


Semester 1, 2020

53 pages

12,400 words



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