I wrote these notes throughout the semester compiling information from the slides, tutorials and textbook (Pathologic Basis of Disease). Content is given by topics rather than lecture number to make it easier to learn and understand. Key words in bold and tables summarising important concepts. Perfect for MSTs and Final Exam. I studied mainly using these notes and got 86 (H1).


1. Cell Adaptation and Injury
2. Cell Death
3. Haematopoiesis
4. Inflammation
5. Healing
6. Infection
7. Defense Mechanisms of the Immune System
8. Immune Mediated Disease
9. Transplant Rejection
10. Blood Vessels and Vascular Disease
11. Genetic Basis of Disease
12. Neoplasia and Cancer
13. Nutritional and Complex Disease


Semester 2, 2020

44 pages

18,000 words



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