These concise exam notes incorporates and combines:
1. Main operation/theory of relevant legislation
2. Reasoning and effect of important judgments
3. Step-by-step exam structure towards answering the exam
4. Additional information towards getting a better mark

It is further supplemented by both relevant legislation and concise summaries of key cases.

These notes will alert students to the necessary points for discussion for each topic, and are well set-up to assist in providing a complete answer to problem questions.

It also includes numerous tips by the CE, where provided, on what to look out for and how to approach a specific problem.

Topic 1: Introduction (NOT INCLUDED - unimportant for exam)
Topic 2: Relevance
Topic 3: Competence and Compellability
Topic 4: Privilege
Topic 5: Examination of witnesses
Topic 6: Character and Credibility
Topic 7: Accused's right to silence
Topic 8: Tendency/Coincidence evidence
Topic 9: Hearsay
Topic 10: Admissions
Topic 11: Illegally Obtained Evidence
Topic 12: Opinion Evidence


Semester 1, 2020

63 pages

26,386 words



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