These comprehensive exam notes are based on the lecture sequence, and includes both relevant legislation and ALL case note summaries discussed in lecture.

Evidence is notoriously content-heavy and terribly dry. With these notes, you will attain the full essence of Evidence lectures as covered across the whole Semester.

This includes examples provided by the CE (highlighted/in italics) which provide clear, relatable & simple illustrations on how specific legislation/cases are supposed to work, as well as numerous tips including suggested exam approaches and what to look out for.

Topic 1: Introduction
Topic 2: Relevance
Topic 3: Competence and Compellability
Topic 4: Privilege
Topic 5: Examination of witnesses
Topic 6: Character and Credibility
Topic 7: Accused's right to silence
Topic 8: Tendency/Coincidence evidence
Topic 9: Hearsay
Topic 10: Admissions
Topic 11: Illegally Obtained Evidence
Topic 12: Opinion Evidence


Semester 2, 2019

127 pages

50,553 words



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