These notes really helped me in getting a HD score for the final exam - it is likely sufficient to get a good grade by simply studying this set of notes, without using the Textbook.

Full notes, neatly structured in table form, with clear highlighting, headings and font sizing to place emphasis on key points essential to answering the question.

Examples, as much as possible, are included under key sub-headings of each Topic, with the notes structured, when possible, in a step-by-step format to assist in exam situations for ease of reference!

Also included, where necessary, are references to specific page numbers as in the Textbook/Legislation book (2019 edition by Barkoczy S).

Topics covered include:
- Income Tax
- Ordinary Income
- Exempt and Non-Assessable Income (NANEI)
- Deductions
- Capital Allowances
- Depreciating Assets
- Treatment of Trading Stock
- Blackhole Capital Expenditure
- CGT Regime
- Taxation of Companies
- Superannuation
- Withholding Taxes


Semester 1, 2019

136 pages

54,000 words



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