This set of notes provide comprehensive coverage of the entire semester of Media 1 Lectures and related readings as conducted by Chief Examiner Sharon Rodrick. Essential materials would be included, especially with the assistance of lecture recordings, which were not usually provided, post-test (extremely important for the exam).

Further, an 'overview' of the entire subject has been laid-out in a content-style page, with important headings and sub-headings noted with page references (to the notes) also included. This would assist in issue-spotting, ensuring that you do not miss out on important elements of the question!

Potential policy questions, where applicable, are also included within the topics to ensure you would not be caught out by the policy questions on the final exam!

Topic 1 Part 1: The Media and Open Justice
Topic 1 Part 2: Contempt of Court & Scandalising Contempt
Topic 1 Part 3: Identifying Jurors and Revealing Jurors' Deliberations
Topic 1 Part 4: Journalists and their Sources

Topic 2: The Media and The Parliament

Topic 3: Reporting Elections & Political Material

Topic 4 Part 1: Obscenity, Indecency and Classification
Topic 4 Part 2: Blasphemy and Religious/Racial Vilification

Topic 5: Telecommunications Data Retention/SIOs


Semester 1, 2018

141 pages

50,824 words



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