Semester 1, 2018


103 pages

53,301 words




These are notes for the CIVIL part of the the CCP unit of study (thus, criminal part NOT included.)

They are highly comprehensive, detailed and include everything you need to know for the final exam. Specifically:
- ALL relevant legislation is included and important parts in colour so you don't have to read unnecessary legal jargon
- ALL cases are included and summarised. I have read them all and extracted the key points
- The notes have been structured in line with the unit of study outline to ensure that the topics are easy to find during the open book exam

They have been created using lecture/tutorial notes, the textbook, statutory and case law materials, my own legal research and others' notes.

The topics included are:
- Process, open justice and fairness
- Adversarial system of litigation
- Resolving disputes without litigation: ADR, ethics and costs
- Matters proceeding litigation and commencing proceedings
- Pleadings, particulars and gathering evidence
- Opposing disclosures/privilege
- Trial or no trial