These are notes for contracts for the final exam. Thus, they are about contract TERMS (they are not on formation.) This is what is tested in the final exam. These notes are split into two parts (i) A very detailed summary with EVERYTHING you need to know. This is structured just like an exam response should be. It is structured in a table form, and at the end of the table, the facts/ratio of the cases noted are summarised. (ii) Full notes - essentially more information to supplement the table. These notes were created using tutorial notes, lecture notes, the textbook, the summary book, other textbooks, others' notes and my own legal research. I read every case in the semester so they are well covered. These notes are all you need for the exam. I ensured I had all the necessary information and that they were structured in order to be able to learn the correct structure for an exam response. Topic list: - Incorporation of terms: express terms and implied terms - Construction of terms - Exclusion clauses - Privity - Discharge: by performance, by agreement, for failure of a contingent condition, by frustration, etc. Termination: pursuant to an express power of agreement, for breach, for delay, by repudiation, etc. NB: preview not in order.


Semester 1, 2018

80 pages

40,974 words



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