Semester 2, 2017

HD Notes on EVERYTHING [393 Pages] - Every week of Class Participation, Theory and Final Exam Scaffold

393 pages

145,645 words




A comprehensive set of HD notes for the entire course. words or 393 pages written with acute detail and on a structured basis.

The class participation goes through each of the readings from the textbook and analyses each of the provisions of the Evidence Act whilst seeking to explain them in a simplified, easy to understand way.

It also includes an exam print off section which is tailored for the Final Exam. The focus here is on Problem Questions and thus it is written like a typical law scaffold should be - template format with each element to be proven listed. Cases are summarised to their core facts/ratios for your benefit to ensure you can just print it off and you're good to go.

• The criminal trial, fundamental principles, accusatorialism and the presumption of innocence
• Indictments and criminal pleadings
• Screening weak cases and disclosure
• Pre-trial and trial prosecutorial obligations;
• The jury, judges proof
• Fair trials, rationalism
• Relevance
• Discretionary and mandatory exclusions;
• The witness in the box (testimonial competence and compellability, communication, questioning witnesses in court (examination in chief, cross examination, reexamination, unfavourable witnesses, credibility attacks on witnesses)
• The hearsay rule and its exceptions
• Identification Evidence
• Evidence of Opinion
• The accused (as a witness, his/her right to silence, character, tendency and coincidence evidence)
• Unreliable evidence, judicial directions and warnings.