An extensive set of HD notes for the subject ARTS1810 – International Relations: Conventions & Challenges.

The first part are a set of substantive notes required for a deeper understanding of the course.

These are derived from the textbook as well as from the prescribed and supplementary readings.

The second part contains a set of exam notes. These seek to answer the learning outcomes of every week (these are what they test you on).

Finally, the third part contains a concise and an even further cut-down version of the exam notes. These are necessary for memorising for the exam which can otherwise be quite stressful. After reading the rest of the notes, this final part contains all the necessary quotations from theorists and essential information needed for a HD in the subject. If you’re pressed for time as exams roll round, just print out this concise set and get to memorising, and you’ll have enough to get through the final exam without a problem.


Semester 1, 2015

126 pages

52,660 words



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