This is a comprehensive set of notes for the 70311 Torts. These are the ones I used in the exam to get 56/60 despite not even finishing the exam!

They contain example ‘sentences’ and paragraphs that an examiner would be expected to see. This style of writing should be emulated for best results.
Each of the elements account for every assessable factor that may be present during the problem questions for the Exam. I would recommend printing them 2 pages to a side on paper to bring into the exam after getting to know these notes well.

Introduction to Tort law
Trespass to Person
Trespass to Land
Defences to Intentional Torts
Introduction to Negligence: Duty of Care
Negligence I Breach of Duty of Care
Negligence II Proof & Causation
Negligence III Scope of Liability: Remoteness of Damage; Egg Shell Skull Cases
Negligence IV Defences to Negligence: Contributory Negligence; Voluntary assumption of risk; Civil Liability Act defences including intoxication; dangerous recreational activities; obvious & inherent risks; risk warnings.
Negligence V Categories of Duty of Care
Negligence VI Pure Economic Loss
Negligence VII Statutory Authorities
Negligence VIII Strict Liability & Multiple Defendants
Death Claims


Spring session, 2016

262 pages

98,390 words



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