These are a comprehensive set of notes on the entire course. They may be used as a point of reference in class, especially to clarify concepts or when you need to find that extra detail about the element of a crime quick for those class participation marks.

I have also included an ‘Exam’ section, which includes a far more concise version of the notes. I would suggest printing them 2 pages to a side on paper to bring into the exam.

Topic 1: Introducing Concepts of Criminal Justice and Bias; Court Visits

Topic 2: Crime, Punishment and Prosecution

Topic 3: General Principles: Proof; Conduct and Fault Elements

Topic 4: Assault and Sexual Assault

Topic 5: Property Offences

Topic 6: Unlawful Homicide: Murder and Manslaughter

Topic 7: Participation in Crimes

Topic 8: Defences

Topic 9: Criminal Procedure

Topic 10: Exam Revision


Semester 1, 2016

170 pages

72,877 words



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