Contained is the most comprehensive set of LAWS1150 Private Law Notes you will foreseeably behold. 282 pages and 102,320 words of high distinction goodness.

It is divided into a class participation section and a more concise exam-friendly print off version.

Section 1 contains all the notes for the course content, including answers to the questions from the reading guide. It has comprehensive facts, judgments and reasoning, as well as the key ratio for the case at the top of the case and why it is significant. These have been annotated from the course convenor’s comments.

I have also included a concise take in exam version that has examples of what you need to write for each problem question, including each element to be proven. I would recommend printing them 2 pages to a side on paper to bring into the exam after getting to know the notes a bit.

There are also final exam essay plans and an answer to essay questions.

With these notes, I’d be pretty surprised if you didn't get HD. Check out the sample!


Semester 2, 2018

256 pages

102,320 words



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