International Business

S. Tamer Cavusgil, Gary Knight, John Riesenberger

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Marketing Research

William Zikmund, Steve D'Alessandro, Hume Winzar, Ben Lowe, Barry J. Babin

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Marketing Research

William Zikmund, Steve D'Alessandro, Hume Winzar, Ben Lowe, Barry J. Babin

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Had a great tutor which helped. The workload and group assignment are quite large, I would say if you get a bad group you will struggle.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2020

trisha is the best tutor by far! most people wont go the extra effort to organise meetings with her despite her offering them to the whole cohort. she really lays out the little steps and is super supportive if you show some effort. While my group was very aloof at times and i was responsible for carrying most of the organisation / full on tasks and etc, i appreciate now that i was pushed to take a leadership role. i approached this unit very cautiously and in full throttle from the beginning as it has a lot of bad reviews. it will not go well if you dont follow the instructions. there are simple things such as how to write survey questions, which type of questions will be useful for you and other things which are TAUGHT but most people will get completely wrong and seemingly not even try. turn up to class! take advantage of the PAL sessions offered! go to the meetings with your tutor! and please make sure you know how to read statistical outputs. you will need this info for your exam. this unit stressed me into improving my soft skills and i am thankful for it. the practical part of it also felt helpful. if you wnt a HD you will need to put in effort, but there are SO MANY resources available to you that this effort doesnt have to be self-study but just participating in what is offered.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2019

This subject is very good for the context and structure of the assignments. The lectures are not as engaging, however if you are in a good group you wont struggle. The final exam was decent but its important to keep up to date your notes

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2018

If you stay on top of the group work and read the textbook the unit is actually pretty good and useful. I had a really hardworking group which helped a lot, also make sure to revise and go over stats that the tutor teaches or that are on your textbook as they are key to passing this unit. And if you want that 10% set from the beginning of the course, make sure you complete PEERWISE super early and get it over and done with!

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

This unit is fine if you keep up to date, DON'T FALL BEHIND! Try to get yourself into a good group this is hugely important as the group assessment is massive. Start studying for end of sem exam early because the final group assessment submission is due only a few days before the exam so easy to spend your time trying to finish that instead of studying.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Takes the cake for the crappiest unit I've done at uni so far. Hume is a passive aggressive convener who seems to have more caustic wit than sense, and is not very helpful when it comes to answering student inquiries. My tutor seems to just talk in jargon and provides little to no help in understanding course material. I agree with previous reviews: get a good group or you're screwed.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Definitely a stressing subject, very hard to understand the lecturer and not helpful at all, like others reviews it is important to make sure you have a good group that is willing to put in effort. Do not suggest this unless it is a core unit for you

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Do not take this unit unless it is a core. A couple of this I think you should be aware of before undertaking this unit: - Get a good group: suss everyone out, unfortunately I was stuck with a lazy group. There are 2 components that involve group work so make an effort to pair with good people. - Try and get a good tutor: I had Alex B and he was an amazing and helpful tutor. - Lecturer is quite hard to understand - Not a hard unit if you try hard from the start - Earn easy 10% by completing Peerwise assessment early

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Like most of the other feedback, I would say that this unit is interesting (involves statistics and although they have removed the prerequisite of taking STAT150/170, strongly recommend taking STATs before/at the same time of taking this unit). However, it was poorly organised, the unit on a whole was not informative and did not feel that I learnt much personally. Exam was tougher than the project work and I wouldn't recommend it unless it's a core unit either.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017

Poorly organised unit which was very unstructured. Lecturer made things difficult to understand. You are expected to be an expert at stats and the content is very boring, dry and difficult as it is heavily statistics based. I got stuck in a group which did not assist at all with the group assignment and I ended up doing 90% of it by myself which was reflected in the final mark. The convenor didn't even give thought to my peer feedback given. Would not recommend this subject unless it is a core for your degree.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016