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I am a tutor with a wide variety of experience, though I specialize in Business and Statistics. I have been tutoring for several years in many subjects, including International Business, Algebra, Economics, Introductory Law, Basic Psychology, and Statistics. Through my experiences and education, I provide a fun and interesting atmosphere that helps take the edge off the tough life of academics, and makes school just a little bit less stressful. I believe that learning is exciting, and you can have something new to learn each and every day. I try to bring that enthusiasm into my tutoring/lessons, as I think it breeds confidence and makes learning easier for the student. I received my Bachelor of Science in Business from University of Melbourne. When I am not teaching/tutoring, I have many interests and try to use my experiences to enhance my skills as an educator. I enjoy traveling and have been to many countries, including Spain, Italy, Greece, and Guatemala. I am an active person and spend lots of time outdoors enjoying things like taking hikes in nature, snow sports, water sports, and attending cultural events.


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