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No lecture videos, you have to read the teacher notes, which are not helpful. The readings are photo...

6 days ago


Great subject.

2 weeks ago


Really interesting content and refresher of some key psychological stages in life.

1 month ago


In a nutshell, the unit was about a messy and irresponsible lecturer, who had very poor mobile appli...

2 months ago


Great unit! Super fun and enjoyable

3 months ago


To the person who reviewed about being mature age: This is a level 2 unit, and you are supposed to h...

3 months ago


Excellent unit to gain basic clinical experience!

5 months ago


Fantastic course, well structured, and lovely tutors!

5 months ago


Fun unit that is unique and has a good variety of course content/unit tasks!

5 months ago


Super fun unit. Follows on from some unit concepts in the Understanding Society and Individual in So...

5 months ago


2019 and its still a bad class. It is extremely rigid: No phones, no laptops, writing on paper only,...

6 months ago


extremely easy to pass. It is literally primary school work, even without calculators it's free GPA.

6 months ago


To a point I felt like what I was learning was kind of useless, as a portion of it introduces you to...

6 months ago


Really consider your workload before undertaking this unit and understand that almost every student...

7 months ago


A boring unit, with lots of theory to remember and content heavy. I do not like this unit and I woul...

7 months ago


Great science subject. Was a reasonable work load and easy to get good marks in. Interesting content...

7 months ago


Enjoyed this subject. Was easy to get a HD if you show up to all your tuts and do the worksheets on...

7 months ago


Hated this unit. The content is fine but Adrian Renshaw is a lazy teacher. He reads off the slides a...

7 months ago


A very difficult unit but if you put in the work it's well worth it. I felt like I learned so much a...

7 months ago


Honestly, the overall unit is so interesting, you will learn so much about the hospitality industry....

10 months ago


Excellent unit if you loved Constitutional the first time around!

11 months ago


Worst tutorial teacher, he is a bully and does not treat anyone with respect. He called me dumb in c...

11 months ago


If you did general maths, economics and/or business in HSC then you'll straight away have an advanta...

11 months ago


The subject isn't all that hard, a lot of common sense stuff. Tutorials were mostly useless, all we...

11 months ago

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