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Good subject, pretty straight forward. Know the areas of the CLA and main cases and you'll be fine....

2 days ago


Studied this unit over the summer semester 2016-2017. If the unit wasn't a core unit, I would have w...

4 days ago


Interesting in parts but some of the content was very dry

2 weeks ago


This unit was pretty unnecessary. Its a mix of contemporary society that is a compulsory core unit &...

1 month ago


the tutors mark harshly and are grammar nazis. only interesting if you take an interest to poems, na...

1 month ago


As a summer unit, very cruisy and not as full-on as one would expect! Chris is a fantastic lecture...

1 month ago


Interesting subject where you actually learn things relevant to everyday life, with interesting case...

1 month ago


Prescribed e-textbook is wonderful and personalised to 'speak' less formally, making the concepts ea...

1 month ago


great for first year students to grasp how to write an academic essay

1 month ago


Content is difficult if you don't study. Using R as statistics software is also very difficult and t...

1 month ago


Easy unit- Lots of group work which makes it fun. There's a group assignment doing a presentation an...

1 month ago


I got an easy HD for this unit.

1 month ago


You better know a little biology and maybe even chemistry prior to undergoing this unit. There is a...

1 month ago


Even though it was an online unit there is a lot of support and the tutors are extremely helpful. Th...

1 month ago


If you excitedly awaiting an engaging and well constructed Summer Unit, you will be somewhat disappo...

1 month ago


It was like learning English in high school again, except in a more sophisticated level. Prepare to...

1 month ago


I did not enjoy the subject because the readings got the better of me. The language was hard to unde...

1 month ago


If you read the textbook before class and summarise notes every week, it is not hard to achieve a cr...

1 month ago


A brilliant unit! Lectures were always entertaining and interesting. My tutor was incredible. She wa...

1 month ago


It was a decent unit. 5 day placement at a daycare centre was a good experience. The project relat...

1 month ago


A mildly interesting unit, if you find modern history interesting. The weekly quizzes are ridiculous...

1 month ago


i thoroughly enjoyed this subject but i do know it had a high failure rate..for me i was in my eleme...

1 month ago


I undertook this subject in 2H 2016, and it was an absolute joy. Felicity is an amazing teacher with...

2 months ago


Good, fun unit! Lots of interaction with other students and tutor.

3 months ago