Intro to Research Methods comprehensive exam revision notes

These notes are comprehensive and in detail. Contains explanations of all the key concepts (from lec...

37 pages, 6963 words

Intro. to research methods exam notes

THIS. THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED! simple. to the point. covers all information from textbook, lectures a...

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Fairly dry subject with online lectures, made up for though with 2hr tutorials, which gives the tutor a lot to work with. Tutorials were engaging and made up for the painful online lectures and gave the necessary support to complete the major assignment successfully. I had Katherine as my tutor, which was fantastic, though I'm given to understand that Glenn Newbery usually runs the tutorial himself, so I cannot speak to the quality of his tutorials, though I'm certain his tutorials are also of excellent quality. Don't try skipping the tutorials. You might do ok without them, but they reinforce too much valuable knowledge to forgo for no reason.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2017