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Introduction To Logical Thinking Lecture Summary

Written by Zainab

Although lecture notes were given, I further refined these notes and removed all the extra info....

29 pages, 16319 words

Introduction to Logical Thinking Lecture Summaries

Written by Aimee

These notes include detailed summaries of the lectures. Please note that I achieved 91% in this subj...

36 pages, 13439 words

Intro to Logical thinking- Lecture Summary Notes

Written by Francesca

Hi guys! This is a tough subject. Note I received 90% for this subject. I have plenty of tables wit...

36 pages, 9208 words

Intro. to logical thinking exam notes

Written by Mon

Ok, this unit is HARD! but i did pretty well in my exam with these notes. Give them a try!

31 pages, 11897 words


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Enjoyed this subject. Was easy to get a HD if you show up to all your tuts and do the worksheets on time. Was pretty fun and interesting but a little more work than I imagined.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2019