Marketing Strategy and Competitive Positioning

Graham J. Hooley, Nigel Piercy, Brigitte Nicoulaud

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MPS: Succinct Academic scholar's HD notes!!!

Topics Include: - Challenges of the current environment to marketers - Strategic Marketing Plannin...

19 pages, 6042 words

Marketing Planning & Strategy Study Notes - Full Lecture Notes

Full subject notes derived from lectures and textbook with diagrams included. Content includes: - T...

35 pages, 5276 words

HD Marketing Planning & Strategy revision notes

These revision notes cover all lectures under this subject. The notes include thorough sample case s...

13 pages, 4237 words

HD Marketing Planning and Strategy - 24415 with BONUS TEXTBOOK NOTES

These are well-condensed but detailed notes on each topic to help prepare for final exams and comple...

46 pages, 11527 words

Marketing Planning and Strategy Full Succinct Notes

Topics include - marketing planning - environmental analysis - segmentation and customers - b...

19 pages, 3437 words

Concise HD Marketing Planning and Strategy Notes

Extensive Marketing Planning and Strategy notes compiled from both the textbook and lecture slides t...

48 pages, 9284 words


Well-condensed notes including information on each topic to help you with study and preparation for...

13 pages, 4202 words

Marketing Planning and Strategy Case Study Summaries - HIGH DISTINCTION LEVEL

– Over 40 case studies discussed throughout the MPS lectures with links to their relevance to the co...

16 pages, 5637 words

Exam Scaffold Notes for MPS

These Scaffold Notes cover the substantive course material from MPS. These topics include: - What i...

32 pages, 4904 words

HD - Marketing Planning and Strategy Notes

My notes summarise the lecture notes and prescribed readings. They are perfect for the mid sem/final...

18 pages, 5630 words


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We had Jan as our lecturer! Best lecturer ever! He explained content really well and in an interesting manner. A really good subject with real-life applicable theories and matrices.

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2015