Concise and recent MPS notes. I used subheadings, colour-coding and tables to divide the material in a clear and understandable way, which was especially helpful in the final exam when trying to locate a specific piece of info. These notes cover all topics (1-11): 1. Introduction 2. Strategic Marketing and Planning 3. Environmental Analysis 1 4. Environmental Analysis 3 + Competitive Advantage 5. Customers, Segmentation and Target Marketing 6. The Marketing Program 7. Branding and Positioning 8. Stakeholder Relationships 9. Ethics and Sustainability in Marketing Strategy 10. Omnichannel Marketing Strategy 11. Strategic International Marketing Note: The sample notes begin at week 6 as it's a good example of one of the more content-heavy weeks.


Spring session, 2023

35 pages

9,272 words


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