Please Note: This is not a document of lecture notes - this is a comprehensive 25 page document that will prepare you for any question they may ask you in the final CLAW1001 exam. The exam is open book so I suggest you print this out, tab it, and take it in with you!

It includes everyCLAW1001 topic (excluding the first as that's not in the exam): Contracts, Negligence, ACL, CCA and Intellectual Property. Each topic is laid out according to potential issues you may find within a problem based question, the principle to the issue, the authority to apply and the test to reach the conclusion.

Most importantly, at the end of the document is 7 problem based questions and comprehensive answers that cover every topic that could be asked in the exam. These are extremely helpful (if your exam was like mine, there is a high possibility the questions will be of similar essence).

In the preview, i have included a page from the contract section and one of the practice responses for negligence (so you can get a bit of an overview).


Semester 1, 2016

28 pages

15,000 words



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