These are an extensive coverage of the Macroeconomics unit using various diagrams, summaries and organised formulas. They are easy to read, but intellegent in wording (for use of essays) and clear in the mathamatics component. Page length is quite high as diagrams are many and font in size 12. I printed the notes 2 pages per 1 and double sided, making a booklet of 15 pages. From these notes, i have also generated another 20 page document (posted seperately on StudentVIP) of a summary broken down under lectures. That document includes all specifically important side notes and crucial formulas. Have a look at the preveiw if you are interested in that too. If you would like to purchase both together, feel free to message me and we can organise a deal.

Also feel free to message me with any questions about the notes and their content, or even some simple advise about the unit.

Good Luck :) It's a great subject


Semester 1, 2015

95 pages

32,000 words



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