International Macroeconomics (ECOS3007) 

These notes contain: 
- Notes taken in lectures week 1 to 13 inclusive 
- Mid Semester Exam Revision 
- Step-By-Step Explanations to each economic theory taught in the course and snapshots of the diagrams associated 
- Final Exam Short Answer Practice Responses
- Comprehensive end-of-topic summary for each section 

In the preview, i have included: 
- Segment from notes taken in Lecture 3
- Example of Step-By-Step diagram explanation to Asset/FOREX Market Equilibrium 
- Segment from notes taken in Lecture 11 
- End-of-topic summary for lecture 3 and 11
- a few short answer practice responses
so you can get a feel for the nature of the notes. 


Semester 1, 2017

54 pages

22,000 words



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