I have really enjoyed ECOS2025 and have incorporated everything you need to know into these notes (more like package of notes). The document includes:
- Full Lecture Notes from week 1 - 13 (not including guest lectures as they are not examined)
- Tutorial Questions and Answers (so helpful considering both midsem and end of year exam are short answer questions)
- Comprehensive Summary table including Japan, Korea, China and East Asia in detail, as well as ASEAN economies (Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam). The extended response questions will only be on the 4 main economies with MC on the others.
- Select midsem answers and model responses

In the preview, i have tried to include a few pages from the lecture notes, tutorial questions (just tute 6) and summary table (only showing China) but the full document is inclusive of all listed above.

These notes are all you need for the ECOS2025 exam, you will be more than prepared for the semester. Message me if you would like more details.


Semester 1, 2016

45 pages

13,100 words



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