MIIM30017 - Parasitology - Full Lecture Notes (91) Structured with clear headings and colour codings (green - parasite names; orange/blue - important terms/definitions; yellow highlight - important molecules; red - important points addressed in assessments). Topics Covered: L1: Introduction L2: Introduction to Protists L3: Intracellular Protists I L4: Plasmodium II L5: Toxoplasma, Cryptosporidium and other Apicomplexan parasites L6: Cryptosporidium L7: Trypanosomatid Parasites I L8: Trypanosomatid parasites II L9: Microaerophiles L10: Coinfections and malaria L13: Helminths L14: Soil transmitted helminths I L15: Soil transmitted helminths II L17: Soil transmitted helminths III and pinworms L18: Soil transmitted helminths IV – zoonoses L19: Vector and food borne nematodes L20: Foodborne nematodes I L22: Foodborne Trematodiasis II L23: Waterborne Trematodiasis L24: Platyhelminth cestodes – tapeworms L25: Tapeworm parasites II L29: Diseases transmitted by arthropods L30: Ticks and Tick borne diseases L31: Mites L32: Fleas and Flies Note that non-content lectures have been omitted (eg. where an MST falls in a lecture slot).


Semester 2, 2020

161 pages

40,646 words



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