MIIM30011 - Bacteriology - MST2 Lecture Notes - H1(97)

Topics Covered:

L13: Vaccination
L14: MST1
L15: Antibiotics
L16: Antibiotic Resistance
L17: Workshop - Antibiotic discovery and development
L18: ESKAPE pathogens - GP
L19: ESKAPE pathogens - GN
L20: Workshop – Hospital Acquired Infections
L21: Bacterial toxins
L22: Clostridial infections
L23: Salmonella/Shigella infections
L24: Campylobacter/Helicobacter infections

Structured with clear headings and colour coding (green -bacteria name; orange - important terms/definitions; yellow and blue highlight - important molecules; red - important points addressed in assessments).


Semester 1, 2021

101 pages

25,895 words



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