These notes helped me achieve an overall HD for the Family Law Unit.

The notes were formed through: watching lectures, cloud content, textbook readings and additional research. I have kept notes relatively sufficient to minimise over complication and unnecessary confusion (as who needs that, law units are confusing enough).

Notes are color coordinated for ease of reference:
Green highlight = cases
Yellow highlight = legislation
Blue highlight = something likely to be relevant to assessment task
(refer to sample to see how I have highlighted various cases/leg ect)

In some areas of the notes I have included a step by step process of how to complete an application, for example "how courts make decisions about dividing property in a divorce".

Content included within these notes includes, but is not limited
Topic 1 – Concepts in Family Law
Topic 2 – Family Law in Federation
Topic – Marriage
Topic – Part 1 Divorce
Topic – Part 2 – Nullity
Topic 5 - Introduction to Children and Property
Topic – Part 1 – Children (Part 1)
Topic - Part 2 - Children (Part 2)
Topic 6 – International Parental Child Abduction
Topic 9 - Property
Topic 10 – Spousal Maintenance
Topic 11 – Family Violence

The unit is enjoyable and I believe that by using these notes, in conjunction with the weekly lectures, you will easily be able to complete the assessments required.

Good luck :)


Semester 1, 2018

106 pages

300,032 words



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