Semester 1, 2017

HD Employment Law / Workplace Law Notes

79 pages

24,824 words




These notes successfully helped me achieve a HD in the Workplace Law academic unit.

Further, I have used these notes as a basis for my one-on-one tutor sessions and peer assisted learning class sessions and have received positive feedback that these notes really helped my tutor students achieve their desired overall grade.

These notes include:
- Legislation (highlighted in yellow)
- Key cases (highlighted in green)
- Content from lectures
- Key information from supporting readings
- Practical examples (based on real work experience)
- Tips and tricks regarding topics of focus
- Some more difficult topics include step by step guides in certain parts on how to address the topic (however, I do have individual step by step guides “Answer Plans” available through Student VIP also - perfect for an exam situation).

Topics include:
- Development & History of Workplace law in Australia
- Identifying the contract of employment
- Rights and Responsibilities under a common law contract
- HR policies
- Variation of terms
- Implied/Express duties at common law
- Breach of duty and remedies
- The Fair Work Act Overview
- National Employment Standards
- The Modern Awards
- The General protections (claim)
- Discrimination
- Equal Opportunities Act
- Termination of Employment
- Termination at common law / Fair Work Act
- Unfair Dismissal
- Workplace health & safety
- OH&S
- Workers Compensation
- Anti-Bullying (Fair Work Act)

Note – I also tutor for this unit!
As I also now work in the employment law / HR space, I also tutor for this subject so please feel free to search the unit through this site and contact me if you're interested.

Hope you find these notes helpful!




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