Semester 2, 2018

HD Employment Relations Notes

90 pages

26,261 words





These notes were formed through drawing on the following sources: the prescribed textbook, lectures/slides, study guide, tutorial questions, other exam questions/answer guides and through industry placement experience (practical examples).

Using these notes I obtained a High Distinction (98%) overall. I also am currently using these plans for tutoring purposes.

For a unit that is known for its complexities I have formed these notes in the most basic way possible. At the beginning of each topic there is a summary / list of what the topic will include and what is important to know for the exam. Reviewing these points prior to the exam was the key to my success.

Topics included in the notes are:
Unit Overview 2
Topic 1 – Theories and Concepts of Industrial Relations (IR) 3
Topic 2 – Trade Unions & Employer Associations 9
Topic 3 – The Legal Framework 19
Topic 4 – Federal Industrial Relations Legislation 28
Topic 5 – Agreement Making 39
Topic 6 – Wage Determination 50
Topic 7 – Industrial Conflict 57
Topic 8 – Workplace Diversity 64
Topic 9 – Workplace Health & Safety 71
Topic 10 – Integrating HRM & IR 78
Exam Revision Lecture

Good luck, and I assure you that using these notes in conjunction with the lectures will be your bestfriend!





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