Semester 1, 2018

WORK1003 HD lecture notes + PREPARATION FOR ASSESSMENTS & FINAL EXAM + 4 Page Course Summary

41 pages

15,000 words




These notes contain:
- 20 pages of summarised lecture content from week 1 to 13 inclusive
- 16 pages of essay preparation for the final exam (4 pages per topic)
- 4 page overview covering the essential aspects of entire course

Assessable aspects of WORK1003 are participation, tutorial leadership, online quizzes, individual essay and final exam.

The lecture notes will help you in the first three. Content for the individual essay will vary between cohorts depending on the question, but all the information required is contained within these notes. I received the top mark in the unit for the essay and worked solely from these notes and the prescribed readings. In terms of the final exam, students are given a choice of nine questions (one per topic) of which three must be answered. I chose to prepare in depth for the last three topics (recruitment & selection, pay & reward, performance management) which have been neatly arranged in point form within suggested essay structures. The exam prep is in table format which also includes notes from associated readings, news paper articles and tutorial commentary (example in preview).

Topic list is the following:
1. Changing context of ER
2. Theory and conflict
3. The role of the state
4. Employer associations
5. Trade unions
6. Arguments about the regulatory framework
7. Recruitment and selection
8. Payment and reward systems
9. Performance Management

In the preview, I have included a sample from the final topic ‘Performance Management’ which includes summarised lecture notes and my exam prep table for the topic (displaying 1 of 3).