Semester 2, 2018

*HD* BFC3170 - Management of financial intermediaries

35 pages

6,069 words




I achieved an HD in this unit and these notes contain all the information that I compiled and used during this semester.

This is a comprehensive compilation of all information covered from week 1 to 12 of BFC3170. You want a high mark? you've come to the right place!

- formatted, laid out information for easy understanding
- An abundance of images, tables, graphs to assist in interpreting the information included
- everything covered from w1 to w12 that you need to know to achieve my mark! (updated as of sem 2, 2018)

Topic list:
1. Why are FIs Special? The Financial Services Industry: Depository Institutions
2. Bank Performance
3. Liquidity Risk Management
4. Liability Risk Management
5. Interest Rate Risk: The Repricing Model
6. Interest Rate Risk: The Duration Model
7. Bank Regulation
8. Managing IRR Using OBS Instruments
9. Credit Risk: Individual Loans
10. Loan Syndications
11. Credit Risk: Loan Portfolio
12. Managing IRR Using Loan Sales and Securitisation