Semester 2, 2017

*HD: 88* BFC3540: Modelling complete unit summary

10 pages

2,800 words




I achieved an 88 on this unit. These notes that I have complied cover all the principles and theories discussed in this unit, including revision.
The notes are revised and simplified to only include critical information, so no useless information that won't be assessed. (Updated s2 2017)
So if you're looking for a straight to the point notes that is short but covers everything you need this is it.
Please note that these notes only include minor VBA coding information, it rather focuses on financial theories that the codes try to produce.
These notes include:
- formatted information and dot points to enhance understanding
- pictures, images and formulas to assist in information digestion
- all content covered from w1-w12

Topic List (By week):
1.dividend discount model
2.valuing shares
3.variance-covariance matrix
4.share ratios
5.Capital Market Line
6. Evaluating an individual asset by estimating beta and SML
7.Short sale
8.Futures and Options
9.Black-Scholes model
10.Binomial option pricing
11.Multi-stage binomial model
12.Exam notes/Summary