Semester 2, 2017

*HD: 85* BFC3240 International Finance unit summary

27 pages

7,600 words




I achieved an 85 in this unit. Which speaks for the effectiveness of these notes. These notes are edited to include only essential information that is needed to achieve a high mark in this unit. This means no useless information.

This include:
- images, pictures and formulas key to achieving a high mark
- well formatted and organised notes for better understanding
- complete coverage from week 1-12 taken in S2 2017
- summaries of all articles that are provided to assist in enriching your IF knowledge

Topic List:
1. What is International Finance?
2. The international monetary system
3. The balance of payments and exchange rates
4. Purchasing power parity
5. Interest rate parity
6. Financial crisis and Eurozone crisis
7. exchange rate determination
8. Currency derivatives
9. Transaction exposure management
10. Operating exposure management
11. Foreign direct investment and political risk
12. International portfolio investment