Semester 2, 2017

*HD: 89* ATS1340 English for Academic Purposes notes

19 pages

4,100 words




Achieved an 89 in this units. These are all the information that I have compiled over the semester that enabled me to achieve this score.

If you want get a mark like this in this unit without drowning yourself in lectures, then this is the summary for you!
Contained are all the things you need to achieve an HD along with all the theories. No useless information!

Effective and Efficient!

- comprehensive, formatted information that is clear and emphasizes key points
- Lots of images, graphs and formulas throughout to assist you
- all content covered from week 1-12 (updated s1, 2017)

Topic List:
- Parts of speech
- parts of a sentence (clauses, subject, phrases, sentence type)
- types of texts (how to write an essay, annotated bib, intro, body, con)
- subject/verb agreement
- critical thinking
- pronoun agreement/apostrophe
- style in academic writing
- punctuation, semi, full colon and comma
- hedging in writing
- fragments, run-on, modifier
- signposting (writing about the writing of others)
- Citation and paraphrasing