Semester 2, 2017

*HD: 90* BFC2751: Derivatives

18 pages

3,700 words




I obtained a whopping 90 scores in this units. Needless to say, these notes contain all the information that I used to achieve this high mark. (Proof by downloading Sample notes)

Everything from option/forwards/futures to trading strategies are included.

This is a comprehensive compilation of all information covered from week 1 to 12 of Derivatives. You want a high mark? you've come to the right place!

Note that there is limited information on spreadsheet materials as I cannot provide them on here.

- formatted, laid out information for easy understanding
- An abundance of images, tables, graphs to assist in interpreting the information included
- everything covered from w1 to w12 that you need to know to achieve my mark! (updated as of sem 2, 2017)

Topic list:
1. Introduction
2. Future/Forward prices
3. Hedging with Futures
4. options
5. option trading
6. N/A
7. Binomial Option Pricing
8. Black Scholes Merton model
9. Options on stock indices
10. Option hedging and greek letters
11. N/A
12. Conclusion