Semester 1, 2017

CLAW2205: Course Notes + All Inclusive Exam Prep + 8 Practice Answers for Final Exam

41 pages

23,200 words




These notes contain:
- 16 Page Summary on Consumer Law
- 6 Page Summary on Competition Law
- 8 Problem Based Scenarios posing multiple legal questions across all covered topics in the course. These have been LECTURER CHECKED AND APPROVED.

Whilst covering every CLAW2205 topic, you will also notice from the preview that the notes have partially been written 'template form'. This is to benefit you in taking the notes into the final exam, being an open book exam. This way, the notes will prepare you for any legal scenario asked, giving you ability to insert the facts to the template and apply quickly and directly to maximise time.

Most of the topics are structured according to potential issues you may find within a problem based question, the rule/law to the issue, the authority to apply and the test to reach the conclusion.

Most importantly, the latter part of the document contains 8 practice answers to potential legal scenarios. The responses are generally written in template form allowing you to apply them in the exam (whatever legal scenario they may throw at you). To get a better understanding of what i mean, I have included one practice response in the preview.

In the preview, i have included:
- Snapshot of the Table of Contents
- Segment from Consumer Law (Unfair Contract Terms)
- Segment from Competition Law (Misuse of Market Power
- Example of a Practice Answer so you can get a feel for the nature of the notes.