Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

For sale by Rui for $20

Principles of Contract Law

Jeannie Marie Paterson, Andrew Robertson, Arlen Duke

For sale by Rui for $40

Sackville and Neave Australian Property Law

Ronald Sackville, Brendan Edgeworth, Christopher Rossiter, Margaret Stone, Pamela O'Connor, Marcia Neave

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High Distinction (235 PAGES) - COLOUR CODED and VERY DETAILED

Written by Sam

I used these notes to receive a High Distinction Mark (85) in Principles of Private Law in 2016....

235 pages, 235 words

Mind Map for Principle of Private Law-2019 Term1

Written by Xingchen

-Mind mapping notes -Logical, highly generalized and contains all key points -Designed for the FI...

10 pages, 2500 words

Actual HD Private Law Notes w/ Class Participation + Exam take-in scaffold - [282 pages]

Written by Tony

Contained is the most comprehensive set of LAWS1150 Private Law Notes you will foreseeably behold. 2...

256 pages, 102320 words

JURD7150 / LAWS1150 Principles of Private Law Exam Notes DISTINCTION

Written by C

These notes are perfect for the exam! They have been formatted to include all the relevant cases and...

86 pages, 36314 words

Principles of private law Distinction Final Exam notes

Written by Jay

- the final exam is mainly about the property, so it covers the property part of PPL; (not contract)

16 pages, 6000 words

T3 2019 JURD7150 summarised, detailed DISTINCTION notes and cases. Take in to finals exam.

Written by Angela

Summary of Principles of Private Law. Colour coded and well-organised. Includes cases for CONTRACT L...

41 pages, 18516 words

Structured notes for Principles of Private Law - 89 in finals

Written by Hannah

Unlike the latter part of the course, my notes are structured (as can be seen in the first 5 pages o...

54 pages, 68485 words

Summarised/ Colour Coded Private Law Exam Notes: 80 in Exam

Written by Bek

A colour coded, simplified set of complete notes from lectures, casebook and textbook. I received 80...

51 pages, 13330 words

HD--Final Exam Note for JURD7150 PPL

Written by Theo

Covers all the topics that are to be examed in final (not for the mid-term!). Contains extremely hel...

14 pages, 5909 words


Written by Odelia

JURD7150 NOTES FOR FINALS - Comprehensive and concise notes for finals - UP TO DATE TILL S1, 2018

51 pages, 23543 words


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Sincerely I find anything related to law to be very simple, I did not need help of anyone to pass this subject. Overall this was an amazing subject that I passed seamlessly

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Foundational course for contracts, equity and property law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Foundational course for contracts, equity and property law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Subject succinct introduces the various stems of private law. However, brevity that it deals with the various stream means that if students are not on top of their work they may fall behind

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016