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Summarised/ Colour Coded Private Law Exam Notes: 80 in Exam

A colour coded, simplified set of complete notes from lectures, casebook and textbook. I received 80...

51 pages, 13330 words

HD--Final Exam Note for JURD7150 PPL

Covers all the topics that are to be examed in final (not for the mid-term!). Contains extremely hel...

14 pages, 5909 words


JURD7150 NOTES FOR FINALS - Comprehensive and concise notes for finals - UP TO DATE TILL S1, 2018

51 pages, 23543 words

Exam Notes for PPL (Property, Estoppel and Agency)

This is an exam notes for principles of private law. Including topic about property, estoppel and ag...

58 pages, 15295 words

2016 Principles of Private Law Exam Notes

Concise Summary of Private Law for Exam

26 pages, 13971 words

Complete Principles of Private Law Notes: Excellent for Exams

Succinct notes of principles and case summaries. Colour-coded and with useful explanatory diagrams.

129 pages, 30000 words

Principles of Private Law Notes

Comprehensive, 100-page summary of the course. Clear, easy-to-follow and highly visual structure aid...

100 pages, 40000 words


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The quality of this subject depends on who teaches it. It is basically taught as an intro to contracts in the first half of the course, and an intro to property law in the second. The readings are manageable and the textbooks are fine. Tip of advice, if you don't understand a concept, the textbook will likely explain it much better than the casebook. But, for CP, you will need to know the facts of each case. The assignments were manageable.

Anonymous, Term 1, 2023

Sincerely I find anything related to law to be very simple, I did not need help of anyone to pass this subject. Overall this was an amazing subject that I passed seamlessly

Anonymous, Term 1, 2019

Foundational course for contracts, equity and property law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2017

Foundational course for contracts, equity and property law.

Anonymous, Semester 1, 2018

Subject succinct introduces the various stems of private law. However, brevity that it deals with the various stream means that if students are not on top of their work they may fall behind

Anonymous, Semester 2, 2016